Fuck you, DC. Seriously, fuck you.


Men Applaud Slim and Sexy Lobo

Designed by Kenneth Roccafort, this new Lobo is all stud and sexiness. Rather than riding a motorcycle and hunting bounties, we imagine this Lobo prefers to read Laurell K. Hamilton vampire erotica novels in his room with all the shades drawn while burning incense.  He’s got the biceps of a man who knows his way around the bedroom, style that rivals Ralph Lauren’s, and windblown hair that makes me a little weak in the knees.




  1. I despise.

  2. Looks like this horrible design is likely to be abandoned at least for Lobo on the big screen, assuming The Rock does indeed have his eye on playing our favorite bastiche! http://news.softpedia.com/news/Dwayne-Johnson-s-Mysterious-DC-Character-Revealed-as-Lobo-434280.shtml

  3. Hi Bastich Inc,

    A little while ago we made a Wonder Woman Fan Film with director Jesse V. Johnson – https://vimeo.com/60594348
    It was an awesome experience and the reaction was amazing!
    When we made the film there was really nothing else out there on her – of course that is no longer the case.

    As hard-core fans of Lobo, we felt the Main Man also needed some screen time.
    Lobo® is a registered trademark of DC Comics. Used without permission. This film has no affiliation, endorsement, or adoption with DC Comics or any of its related corporate entities.

    We didn’t want to see him CG/VFX’d out, or altered to be PC correct like the New 52, so we made the film reflect how we wanted to see him.

    Please enjoy and feel free to share! –

    Link to jesse V. Johnson’s site https://www.jessevjohnson.com



  4. This new design is NOT Lobo!!!!! What where they thinking. So disappointed.

  5. OMG I am a huge Lobo fan and I heard they were reintroducing him in the new 52 I said YES raise Lobo awareness which leads to more merch more clothing more comics or movie etc. sky is the limit because I am confident that if people knew of Lobo they would fall in love and demand more of him but i saw the new 52 Lobo for the first time i got pissed my exact words were “THATS FUCKING BULL SHIT THATS NOT LOBO THAT IS EDWARD FROM TWILIGHT FUCK THAT WTF DC WTF?!?!?!?!?”

  6. It’s not the worst thing to happen, and DC is more than likely giving us back our Lobo again.

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