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Lobo: Highway to Hell #2 is out


Lobo: Highway to Hell #2 (of 2) came out this week. #1 was… okay. I really wish DC would get Sam Kieth away from Lobo and convince Keith Giffen or Alan Grant to come back.  He just doesn’t get Lobo at all.


Lobo: Highway to Hell #1 is out


Lobo: Highway to Hell #1Lobo: Highway to Hell #1 (of 2) is out this week (in the U.S.A., anyway). It’s written by Scott Ian (the rhythm guitarist for Anthrax) and drawn by Sam Kieth. It’s prestige format, so it’ll set you back $6.99 USD.

Supposedly, Lobo goes to hell and takes on Satan himself. Not sure if this ties in at all with Reign in Hell or not, but really, who cares? Lobo kicking ass is all I need, and it has to be better than Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious, which was awful, IMHO.


Guy Ritchie to direct Lobo movie


According to Variety, Guy Ritchie is set to direct a Lobo movie.

I have mixed feelings about this, especially since they’re aiming for a PG-13 rating.


Bastich, Inc. is now a blog


Due to the impending collapse of GeoCities, I’ve moved Bastich, Inc. to a WordPress blog.

Give me some time to move and convert stuff over.